Ensemble M’chaiya as a quintet standing along a brick wall.


A Moment In A Photo — EDITORIAL

Chicago Jewish Star, November 12, 2004

Jewish Star November 12, 2004 clipping announcing the twenty first anniversary celebration of the Ensemble M’chaiya (tm).

Bring your dancing shoes to celebrate Klezmer Day and 21 years of klezmer music in Chicago with the Ensemble M’chaiya, the area’s first revival klezmer band. The event takes place Sun., Nov. 21, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at Hot House, 31 E. Balbo, in Chicago.

Ensemble M’chaiya members are (l. to r.) Donald Jacobs, Jutta Distler, and Terran Doehrer.

Last year, in recognition of the role the band played in sustaining Jewish culture by reviving klezmer music here, Mayor Richard Daley proclaimed the first official Klezmer Day for November 23rd.

“We believe that what we play is very important to Jewish culture,” says bandleader Terran Doehrer. ”Klezmer was almost extinguished … To lose this would have been horrendous.“ The band‘s approach to Jewish music is simple: ”We want to make people feel the groove and dance (even when it is a ‘listening’ piece!).” Call 312-864-1022 for advance tickets.