Ensemble M’chaiya as a quintet standing along a brick wall.


Musical Pleasure

Lincolnwood Life Newspaper, January 24, 2002

Lincolnwood Life Newspaper, January 24, 2002 clipping about the Ensemble M’chaiya (tm) concert at the Lincolnwood Library.

The klezmer band En­semble M’chaiya (tm) played to a packed house at a performance hosted by the Lincolnwood Public Library, 4000 W. Pratt, on Sunday, Jan. 20. The band, whose name means “a real pleasure/joy” in Yiddish, plays a blend of Klezmer and Israeli dance music, with songs in Yiddish, Sephardic/Ladino, Hebrew, and English, as well as instrumentals. They have played in every conceivable venue, from parties to concerts, since the band was established in 1983. Highlights of their career include three tours of Denmark and a commemoration program broadcast on National Public Radio. Members of the band are, from left, front man Terran Doehrer, lead vocals and kaval; Jutta Distler, guitar and mandolin; Don Jacobs, clarinet; and George Petrov, percussion. (Photo by Patricia Dieball)